Food, like the internet, is a source of endless possibilities.

The term “sausage” is synonymous to “meat on bread”. We are all familiar with it. It is also used in the sense of an “emotional wormwood”, which is often associated with a piece of food.

Scrambled eggs are eggs that have been scrambled, meaning that their liquid has been mixed with liquid at the bottom of the bowl and the egg white has been added at the top.

Soup can be also understood in this way. However, in most cases soup refers to liquid that has either already been cooked or which needs to be heated up before consumption. This means that it does not include liquid cooked out of food by boiling or frying, but may include liquid formed during cooking such as gravy or stock (“liquefied”).

Spaghetti is a kind of food that looks like a giant piece of pasta. It is typically made from ground meat and vegetables but if you are feeling adventurous you can also add cheese, salt and pepper. It has become very popular in the world of cooking over the years.

Scrambled eggs is an egg-based dish that uses scrambled eggs instead of hardboiled eggs. It is typically served with bacon, melted cheese, tomato sauce and onions. The dish was invented in 1908 by William Stiles (1844-1926) who was an American chef at the “New York Herald” newspaper in New York City.

Soup is a kind of soup that usually includes vegetables like potatoes, carrots or beans with some chicken broth to make it more flavorful and filling.